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    Can-Am X3 - ZRP 7075 Front Double Shear Capped Knuckle Set

    Original price $2,999.00 - Original price $2,999.00
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    Can Am Knuckles

    The 7075 X3 Front Double Shear Capped Knuckle Set is the perfect upgrade for your Can Am X3. The 7075 material is 3x stronger than 6061 aluminum, so you'll have peace of mind knowing your knuckles will stand up to the most demanding terrain. Plus, the knuckles are double shear capped for increased durability and protection against rock hits.

    We have added a threaded cap to our double shear front knuckles for additional pressout strength. Our capped knuckles have been Lab tested to 86,000 lbs over the factory 17,000 lbs.

    Our double shear front knuckles will ONLY work with a 7/8 uniball, or rod end. These will NOT work with standard balljoint a arms.

    Our knuckles are machined in-house from USA 7075 billet aluminum.

    Our knuckles include the following (per set)

    • L & R double shear front knuckle

    • (4) ARP bolts

    • (8) 7/8 uniball misalignment spacers

    • (4) anti rotate locking caps w/screws

    • LH & RH threaded cap

    • Threaded cap removal/install tool

    • OEM Wheel bearings installed & torqued



    • Remove and install the knuckle according to factory specifications.
    • Torque all fasteners to factory spec. Except as noted below.
    • Torque spec for the ARP bolt is 53 ft-lbs. Always use an accurate,
    calibrated torque wrench.
       Do not exceed 60 ft-lbs or fall below 48 ft-lbs.
       For race applications apply blue Loctite to the threads.
       Tighten the nut side only. Never torque the bolt head.
    • Ensure axles are tightened to at least 180 ft-lbs regardless of the
    brand of axle or hubs.