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    Can-Am X3 / X3 Max - Extreme Clutch Cover Shield

    Original price $189.00 - Original price $189.00
    Original price
    $189.00 - $189.00
    Current price $189.00

    Have you broke a belt in your X3 and found yourself with not only a broken
    belt but, also a broken cover ruining the weekend? Never be that guy with
    this kit! Most of the broken belts we have seen here at the shop have
    resulted in a broken cover as well. Used and tested by Factory Can am race
    team and it is proven to save your cover over and over again when you break
    a belt in the most demanding conditions.

    -.080 5052 Aluminum Construction. This material is much more rigid compared
    to the competitions .063 3003 Aluminum
    -Multiple formed compound roll angles to conform to your clutch cover
    -Countersunk holes for smooth surface.
    -Zinc Coated Hardware included.
    -CNC Laser Cut for a perfect fit.