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    Can-Am X3 / X3 MAX / XRS - Extreme Shock Tower Relocator

    Original price $419.00 - Original price $464.00
    Original price
    $419.00 - $464.00
    Current price $419.00

    Can Am X3 XRS Shock Tower Relocator

    This Shock Tower is not only a brace that ties the tower into the chassis

    but it moves the shocks out and up to improve motion ratio and increase
    leverage on CG. We also decrease the down travel to get rid of the scrub and
    keep the geometry from running away with itself.

    More importantly it completes the front structure by tying the upper shock
    mount into the lead control arm bulkhead.

    Constructed from Chromoly, Precision laser and and press broke in house.

    Sold Raw but can be powder coated as needed. (5 days extra to ship)

    Welding in needed for the lower tabs into the chassis but it still remains a
    bolt in mount.

    Powder Coating: Raw - $0