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    Tensor Regulator 2 - 33x10 R15

    Original price $279.00 - Original price $279.00
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    $279.00 - $279.00
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    Tensor Regulator 2 A/T 33"

    Tensor ensures their tire compounds and tread patterns are unparalleled to anything on the market whether it be for racing King of the Hammers or drag racing in the dunes of Glamis. These are tires that you will not be disappointed with.

    • Proprietary nylon bias ply carcass with nylon belts results in improved ride dynamics and performance while off-road while saving weight compared to steel belted construction tires
    • Decreased weight unleashes all available horsepower from your machine
    • Variable, all-terrain tread design delivers responsive and predictable acceleration, steering, and braking with a smooth and quiet ride
    • 18/32in tread depth ensures long lasting performance for performance focused UTV owners
    • Unique ribbed upper sidewall design for increased puncture resistance in susceptible areas